Tuesday, 16 March 2010

LRB -- correction

A letter to be published in the London Review of Books this week goes out with slightly misleading figures, so I would like to amend them. (all my fault, as I did not get the last changes in on time)

In the letter on Hefce, I quote figures for administrative and academic costs and for the Vice-Chancellors’ remuneration at the University of Bristol and University College London.

They are askew because the comparison dates do not match. For the record, the figures for Bristol should be for the period 1999/2000 and 2008/9.

these are (2000. 2009, percentage change)

Vice chancellor £145,000 £309,000 +113%
Academic departments £78 million £144 million +84.6%
Administration £8.5 million 30.7 million +261.2%

Sorry about that. ip 16.3.10

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